It is unusual that we need to post negative news but now this situation has been fully understood we feel it is right to inform you fully of the current DJ Tunes situation. The following is a long statement but we urge you to read it all fully.

DJ Tunes have struggled financially over the past few years. Their royalty payments have been coming in later and later. Record Labels had worked hard with them to ensure they paid the royalties owed but when payments stopped they made the decision to stop delivering music to DJ Tunes on January 1st 2013.

On February 12th 2013 record label’s  received an email informing us that DJ Tunes had gone into insolvency. This was essentially the end of DJTUNES.COM GmbH. The liquidation process allows the assets of the company to be sold off in order to recover as much money as possible to pay off their debts. Assets can be anything from physical desks, chairs, servers, computers, websites and anything else the business owns. It also includes the company’s biggest asset – it’s brand – DJ Tunes.

Fellow German company Dance All Day GmbH / purchased the DJ Tunes brand, web store and other assets required to run the store.

This is why when you go to now you see the store is still trading and nothing appears to have changed. Dance All Day took control of from the 5th February 2013.

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