Puma Ear Buds

The Review

Over all the packaging is Puma Standard quality very straight forward and modern,opened the box found an extra set of ear-buds inside comes with 3 standard sizes but the EXTRA was a foamy pair which are perfect for the active person very comfortable and conform to your ear canal.

Now down to  what you really came for! After a week putting them through all the paces from high, mid to low end and everything in between.

The Puma Earbuds surpassed all expectations we set on them.

The anti tangle flat cords we put to the test,  from wrapping them into a circle for storage to full out trying to tangle them still under “hard” use they didn’t tangle always a plus in our books. Who would want to spend more time untangling the cords them listening to tunes? I know I don’t.
Sound quality is superb some of the best sounding buds and Ive tried the (Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones MM70i as a comparison)

Puma delivered a very clear top and mid range featuring a great design allows for basically a little bass bin in your ear canal, Comfort keeps going for a good 4 hrs’s

The cons
Every Person, is different and the 3 standard earbuds didn’t seem to fit my ears comfortably but came with a foam style that custom fits to any ear which was perfection.

The Buds are specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPods which is highlighted on the package ,they do work in my Nokia phone but I dont have the  Mic Functionality with volume control or the up and down track select which is a bummer.

Other than that I specifically use them for Music Production along with my over-ears and monitors and am very pleased.

In conclusion I would buy another pair no question,  you get what you pay for and Puma has given a deal and matching quality for the price.

Review By Chris Tibb Miller

After sneakers…music is kinda our life. PUMA kicks have graced stages and album covers, rocked turntables, and collaborated with some of the best in the business throughout our history. So it only seemed natural to add PUMA earphones to our repertoire. The El Diego is about audio excellence, delivering great sound quality and features like a tangle-resistant cable, Comply™ foam ear tips, and a PUMA mic that syncs with most devices to pause a song, skip forward and back, adjust volume, and even answer calls.


      • In-ear earphone
      • 10Hz – 20kHz frequency response
      • 1.2m tangle-resistant cable with moisture-resistant cable housing
      • Aluminum acoustic chamber
      • Mesh speaker cap to reduce dust and debris
      • Comply™ foam ear tips in three sizes included (S, M, L)
      • Zip carrying case
      • Sport clip for cable stability
      • Compatible with most phones, computers, and audio devices

PVC Free


  1. resquemedic51|2:33, 23. May, 2014 Reply

    First off let me say that I’m very paticular about my headphones. Ive owned many high end brands from Shure, Beats, Monster, Bose, Sennhieser, and others. So I can say I know a little about good quality.
    I was on my way to the airport and realized I’d left my phones at home.
    I found theses at a discount store along the way.

    Holy Shit!

    I paid less than $20 expecting crap but was I surprised. Theses sounded better than a few of my more expensive phones! The lows were tight and not boomy. The midrange came in strong as well. I’m not a huge fan of over powering highs either. My ears tend to tire quickly but theses had a high end that complimented bothe the mids and lows.

    The quality/build was pretty sturdy too. They have the iPod control functions along with a built in mic on the flat cords, which I love. Theses flat cords tend to not twist and get tangled, also a plus.

    Would I buy another pair? Of course!
    I know they are an older model but if you can find them in stores or online, pick yourself up a pair. For the price you won’t be disappointed!

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