• 1 Track   $35.00
  • 2 Tracks  $60.00
  • 3 Tracks  $85.00
  • 4 Tracks $101.50
  • 10 Tracks $220.50

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars and Include Applicable Tax.

We accept PayPal as a form of Payment and you will receive a Professional Invoice for ALL ORDERS.

All mastering orders are submitted online and we return your mastered tracks to you online. It’s a seamless process that’s extremely easy to complete. It’s all managed via our BPM Recordz Email and DropBox

where you can send your pre-master files and submit an order with instructions and reference tracks if you prefer.

 The mastering engineer will master your tracks and get them back to you in a very short period of time.

This realistically happens in 1 – 2 business days  (Mon – Fri). With a 96% rating of 48 Hr Delivery.

You will be notified of your completed order and can retrieve your final tracks via an email notification or dropbox deposit.

Our mastering engineer has over 15 year’s experience mastering more than 10,000 electronic dance music tracks, so you’re in good hands!

  • Equipment & Techniques Used

Offered is a combination of high quality hardware and software to produce your final mastered recordings and return them to you in 16bit 44.1 KHz WAV format.

 The mastering is built around one of the world’s most professional DSP based applications CreamWare.

Our Mastering Engineer utilizes no less than 15 SHARC DSP chips.

This combination of hardware and software gives our engineers the flexibility of generating the complex analogue logarithms needed to produce your digital masters.

 During the mastering process your recording is always kept in its digital state and at the highest possible sample rates ensuring crystal clear quality throughout.

 A typical series of equipment used in the mastering process would be.

  • Master Verb Pro™        Top Quality Stereo Reverb Unit
  • Used to add space if required
  • Vinco S™   High-End Vintage Compressor
  • An exact replica of the world most famous hardware compressor, used to analogue warmth
  • Graphic EQ S™    31 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
  • Allows for the ultimate control, enhancement or correction of your audio
  • PSY Q™    Psycho Acoustic Processor
  • For giving bass tones, impact and loudness to the mix. Top end sparkle and stereo enhancement
  • OptiMaster™     Intelligent Mastering Processor
  • The OptiMaster contains a Normaliser, Multiband Expander, Multiband Compressor and Multiband Limiter providing the rms and pressure needed.
  • Apple Mac Pro   Quad Zeon Digital Audio Workstation
  • Our mastering Engineer uses the highest quality audio machines to give our engineers the most control over your recordings.
  • Pioneer HDJ-2000             DJ Headphones
  • We recognize that the majority of our customer base are Electronic Music Producers  so we ensure all music we master sounds amazing through DJ head phones.
  • Monitoring  
  • Mackie HR824, Yamaha MSP5A, Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Audio is monitored through a range of high-end full dynamic range, medium and low-end level speaker alongside visual tools to ensure the audio will sound the best it can on everything, from a club sound system to your iPod.

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